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In celebration of our new #SuitUp campaign we asked creative director and founder of SheLift, an organization that empowers young women born with physical ...

Overall committee reviews

Last year we set some aggressive sustainability goals for 2020, and while are are still a few years off we want to show how easy it is to lessen our impact on the environment. Yoga instructor and Athleta Partner Jules Hunt of the lifestyle blog Om And The City shares her easy means to live sustainably and…

Children's place


Check out blog posts from Winkel's Blog here at JCC Chicago's Camp Chi that we have posted on our website for our Chi family, camper parents, and alumni.

Top 25 Tai Chi Blogs And Websites To Follow in 2019

Ever since the beginning, Athleta’s mission has been to inspire a community of healthy, confident, active women and girls to reach their limitless potential. Today, with the intention of creating a new and exciting way to deliver that mission and our product to our customers, we are announcing a partnership with REI to offer an…

Chicago weather

Chicago weather

Aug 24, 2018 ... We visited Vietnam's largest market, the Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City! This is where you can find the best cheap shopping in Vietnam.

CHI Health Better You Blog

is passionate about fitness and wellness. To complement our offering of fitness fashion, we created the Chi Blog as a resource for women who see being healthy and fit as vital to life. Connect with us on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.



You can buy copies, which are normally imported from China, and will fall apart quickly. What's worse, as a foreigner you won't even be charged cheap prices for  ...

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Meet professional climber and spring archive model Maggie Crawford. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 24 but that didn’t sideline her adventures. Read on to learn how she’s kept an alive lifestyle thanks to her abutment system (and cute dog), and find out how she’s turned her experience into something…

Chipotle menu

Chipotle menu

News and updates from Taoist Tai Chi® International. ... Subscribe to the blog. Join our 2 364 subscribers, stay up to date and connected! You'll receive our ...

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How many times have you alleged out, “Be careful!” to your children as they were about to do something risky? Or even something not that risky, but just not what you really wanted them to be doing at that particular moment? It’s almost a reflex, right? Probably because we heard our parents say it to…

Chicago news

Chicago news

Apr 19, 2018 ... In a twist of fate, CHI 2006 took place in Montréal and with CHI 2018, .... In this blog post we look across all of the tracks to look at CHI's big ...

Is Adidas cheap in Ho Chi Minh?

In celebration of our new #SuitUp campaign we asked creative administrator and founder of SheLift, an organization that empowers young women born with physical differences, Sarah Herron to share how she gets ready to dive into summer. But we could have never predicted how her photos created a deeper conversation on her own story of…



Aug 17, 2019 ... Tzu Chi Phoenix Volunteers: Fourteen Years of Hot Meals for Homeless ... Tzu Chi Medical Outreach in Mexico: Improving the Quality of Life for ...

Is Adidas cheap in Ho Chi Minh? - Ho Chi Minh City Forum

Can you believe we have not posted any Chi Family News since June?  In those 3 months while we were away at camp, so much happened! We had an acclaimed summer and we can’t delay to fill you in on all the things to bless with the Camp Chi Family! Without further ado, here’s the […] Learn More ›